Connie Mack


The Connie Mack league is for players with playing ages of 17 and 18. These players are high school players in high school parks. Click on the following link for more Connie Mack related information.

Contact Person: Todd Young – or 217-622-6287

2018 Registration form –  Click Here

SSBA Mantle / Mack Division Rules

Illinois High School Association (IHSA) rules will govern league play….the following rules supplement IHSA rules and apply to league play

  • Games will have a time limit of 1 hour, 45 minutes

o   no new inning will start after the time limit

o   umpire will designate starting time and will stop play if time limit applies

o   if score is tied, 1 extra inning will be played.  If the game is tied after that inning, the game will end in a tie

  • Games are 7 innings except when the home team is ahead after 6 ½ innings or when 10 run rule applies (home team ahead by 10 or more after 4 ½ innings or visiting team ahead by 10 or more after 5 full innings).
  • Batting

o   Teams may use DH with 9 man batting order

o   Teams may also use EH with a 10 man batting order

  • It is up to the each team if they choose to bat their complete lineup (one team may and the other may choose not to).
  • NOTE – if you bat entire lineup, free substitution of defensive positions is allowed.
  • Courtesy runner is allowed for pitcher and catcher at any time

o   Courtesy runners are only those players who are NOT in the current lineup

o   If a team is batting the complete lineup, last out would be the courtesy runner

  • Re-entry rule for starters

o   Any starting player may be withdrawn and re-entered once, including a DH or EH – must re-enter in the same batting order position

  • A substitute may NOT re-enter
  • All players used in games must be on team rosters that’s on file with the league

o   Maximum player age for Connie Mack is 18, minimum is 16, as of May 1 of current year

o   Maximum player age for Mickey Mantle is 16, minimum is 14, as of May 1 of current year

  • PLAYERS OVER THE AGE OF 19 ON May 1st of the current year can NOT play in league.
  • Games will start at scheduled time or 20 minutes after completion of prior game, whichever is EARLIER

o   Teams are expected to be on the field and ready to play at start time.  Be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to game time.

  • League reserves the right to interpret or revise existing rules, or to create new rules if required to properly administer league play.  The league will NOT tolerate inappropriate behavior, language, or displays by players, coaches or spectators.  If is the COACH’s responsibility to control his players, fans, and other coaches.